Six Tips For a Healthy Sex Life

Having a healthy sex life is like having a healthy lifestyle – both can mean different things to different people. What constitutes a healthy sex life for one couple can be very different from what another couple desires. Because sex varies from couple to couple what works with you and your partner may or may not work for other couples.

When it comes to the topic of “sex” every person has their own unique point of view. Some say it all comes down to lust and for others it’s just about having fun. Still there are others who believe it’s something incredibly special or even sacred.

There are a lot of reasons why people have sex but there is one truth regardless of whether the sex is casual or you’re in a relationship. In order to ensure a fulfilling and healthy sex life it’s important that you and your partner are mutually committed to satisfying each other. The reality is that being selfish never leads to great sex.

Sex is a part of every healthy relationship. Here are some tips on how to have a healthy sex life.

Build a strong foundation. A relationship is strongest when you and your partner are able to communicate with each other. The lines of communication should always be open so that you are able to tell each other if something is wrong and figure out a solution. Through communication you can both develop realistic expectations and avoid ending up frustrated or disappointed.

Give your relationship time. As time goes by every relationship develops and changes. During this time it is very important for partners to approach each new challenge or development together as a team. When partners don’t grow together in the same direction it’s not just the sex life that can suffer but the entire relationship.

Test the boundaries every once and a while. Experimenting in your bedroom is one way you can do this. A little creativity in the bedroom can do wonders for improving your sex life. Everyone enjoys a surprise once in a while just to spice things up.

Make sure sex is an enjoyable experience. The more attentive partners are to each others’ needs the more satisfied they will be. To achieve maximum pleasure you and your partner should both be enjoying having your sexual time together.

Make love. Most people don’t realize that having a healthy sex life means knowing that there is more to sex than just the actual act. Emotional foreplay is just as important as physical foreplay if you want to have a happy and healthy sex life. Always court your partner to keep your relationship going and surprise them by doing things like leaving a love note on their pillow or flowers by the bed.

Give as much as you receive. It’s important that you and your partner strike an equal balance between giving and receiving. This includes giving and receiving emotionally as well as sexually.

If you follow these guidelines you should be well on your way to having a happy and healthy sex life.

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Tyler is a regular guy who enjoys sex and pleasuring his lovers. But it wasn’t always this way thanks to a lot of misinformation and embarrassing sexual disasters.

He prides himself on being different and avoiding unnecessary hype and huge promises. While other “sex gurus” promise mind bending multiple orgasms from super ninja g-spot techniques invented by Tibetan monks… he focuses on the power of a woman’s mind for creating a powerful sexual response that lasts a lot longer than a night of passion.